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sick from the mirror

rip my heart out if you like the beat

i think my imagination's broke
5 September
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music is the last true voice of the human spirit. it can go beyond language, beyond age and beyond color...straight to the mind and heart of all people

a walk on this sandy moon, a time spent in the seasonal section. how would i know that i could not be filled by this..

when the world freezes over in love, i stand amazed wondering how

a beginning of what you are amazes me. my mouth is taped shut. ulterior motives begin to bleed into colors on my inflamed page

eyes are healed by the more that is heard and felt. time ticking.. beginnings of this relationship..

for you i will delve. i'll run back hands out of my pockets needing grace. i'll see my eyes as the picture breaks into you

knowing it's deep your love is perfect

-the raging of creation